The Council

The Parish Council is the most local form of government. However, it has limited powers and responsibilities and consequently mainly exists as an organisational body for the village. Activities include decision making through meetings and attending committees with other members, deciding which activities to support, where money should be spent, which services should be delivered and which policies should be implemented.

Mollington Parish Council consists of 5 Councillors and a Parish Clerk, who is also the Responsible Financial Officer. The Councils responsibilities include:


  • ensuring the grass verges and play areas are cut and maintained
  • providing recreational space for all ages 
  • making recommendations to Cherwell District Council (not always followed) about planning applications
  • Liaising with Oxfordshire County Council about their obligations regarding roads, drainage and footpaths etc.
  • attempting to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the residents
  • being a funnel for local opinion to higher levels of government
  • trying to ensure that other government agencies do their job.